Spray Tanning 101


Day Before Your Spray Tan Appointment

  • Shave or wax to remove unwanted body hair

  • Moisturize before bed to give an extra boost to your skin health.

Morning of Your Spray Tan Appointment

  • Shower as normal, then exfoliate entire body (starting from the top, working to the feet!) with an oil-free exfoliant to remove unwanted residues and return your skin to its cleanest state

  • DO NOT apply deodorant, make up, fragrance oils, colognes, moisturizers: these create a barrier

  • Wear darker colors, but avoid drawstrings, ball caps, tight-fitting jeans and leggings, rough fabrics, or anything that will make you sweat after your spray tan!

At Your Spray Tan Appointment

  • Remove make up, deodorant, etc. (if you did apply them) with sluff exfoliating wipes

  • Pull hair away from face and neck, and secure with a hair tie, and remove jewelry

  • DO NOT apply barrier cream, prep sprays, PH Balancing sprays: these create barriers

  • Follow all instructions given by your Aviva Spray Tan Artist!

After Your Spray Tan Appointment 

Before You Rinse Off

  • Avoid anything that will get your spray tan wet (exercising, swimming, hot room yoga, rain, etc.)

  • DO NOT apply moisturizers, try to avoid fragrance oils, colognes, make up, deodorant, etc.

  • DO NOT keep touching your skin to check your tan, this will transfer solution to your palms

When it is time to rinse off: USE WATER ONLY.

  • DO NOT use soaps or shampoos on initial rinse!

After Your Spray Tan Appointment

After You Rinse Off

  • Maintain your tan with spray tan safe moisturizer, or DHA-infused Tan Extender, use twice daily

  • Apply additional moisturizer after anything that will dry out your skin (working out, ocean water, hot tubs, chlorine pools, excessive sweating, etc.)

  • Your face will fade faster than the rest of your tan: use a DHA-infused Tan Extender to maintain a flawless, even tan. Apply at night before bed for best results.

Remember: Your tan will last longer the better you treat your skin!

Spray Tanning

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